2005 Work Session Agendas

October 20, 2005





5:00 p.m., Some Council Members may dine together in Room 125 at the
City & County Building.  (The room is open to the public.)


DATE: October 20, 2005


TIME:           5:30 p.m.


PLACE:          City & County Building

                451 South State Street, Room 326

                Salt Lake City, Utah




1.   The Council Vice-Chair Nancy Saxton and Mayor Ross C. “Rocky “Anderson will present a joint ceremonial resolution to Commander Tracy Howard of the USS Salt Lake City SSN-716.  The joint resolution honors the officers and enlisted personnel of the USS Salt Lake City.  The resolution was adopted Tuesday October 18, 2005.

2.   The Council will receive a briefing regarding two ordinances to create a Natural Open Space District and amend Table 21A.32.140, Salt Lake City Code, pertaining to permitted and conditional uses for Special Purpose Districts.  (Petition No. 400-05-20)

3.   The Council will receive a follow-up briefing on Impact Fees and the 20-year Capital Improvement Needs Inventory.

4.   The Council will receive a briefing regarding two ordinances amending the text of the Zoning Ordinance relating to sign regulations for parks 28 acres or larger in size in the Open Space District (OS).  (Petition No. 400-05-11)

5.   The Council will receive a briefing regarding a resolution endorsing the application for Preserve America certification and proclaiming the City’s support of historic preservation.

6.   The Council will receive a briefing regarding an ordinance amending various sections of the Salt Lake City Code to correct typographical or other technical errors.

7.   The Council will consider a motion to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of strategy sessions to discuss the purchase, exchange, or lease of real property when public discussion of the transaction would disclose the appraisal or estimated value of the property under consideration or prevent the public body from completing the transaction on the best possible terms, and to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation; pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § § 52-4-4, 52-4-5(1)(a)(iii) and 52-4-5(1)(a)(iv), and attorney-client matters that are privileged, pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 78-24-8.

8.   The Council will receive a report from Council Member Jill Love regarding the Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) policy committee.

9.   Report of the Executive Director, including a review of Council information items and announcements.