1994 Work Session Agendas

March 29, 1994



 District Six Town Meeting

 Tuesday, March 29, 1994

 Uintah ElementarY School

 1227 South 1500 East

 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


1. Flag Ceremony/Pledge of Allegiance


2. Welcome/Introductions

 Councilmember Roselyn Kirk

 Kay Christensen, Mayor's Chief of Staff


3. Proposed Baseball Field on Guardsman’s Way

 Mike Zuhl, Indian Hills Community Council

 Brian Hatch, Deputy to Mayor Corradini


4. Call to Action on Crime

 Larry Stott, Assistant Police Chief

 A. Graffiti Prevention and Removal

 B. Gang Legislation

 C. Mobile Neighborhood Watch

 D. Crime Prevention Update


5. Status of H-Rock Development Proposal

 Doug wheelwright, Planning Programs Supervisor


6. Questions and Comments from the Audience

 Please complete a public meeting registration card if you wish to make a comment.