2000 Work Session Agendas

June 1, 2000



5:00 p.m., Some Council Members may dine together in Room 125 at the City & County Building.  (The room is open to the public.)


DATE:                    June 1, 2000, 5:30 p.m.


PLACE:        City Council Conference Room

                City and County Building

                451 South State Street, Room 326

                Salt Lake City, Utah

(Briefing time lengths are approximations only.)


I.              The Council will receive a briefing regarding Petition No. 400-99-27, a request from Cottonwood Realty to annex a parcel at 1816 North 2200 West and zone the property Business Park (BP) upon annexation to the City.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

II.            The Council will hold a discussion and conduct straw polls as necessary regarding unresolved budget issues within the fiscal year 2000-2001 budget.  (Estimated time:  20 minutes)

III.           The Council will receive a briefing regarding the Metropolitan Water District.  (Estimated time:  10 minutes)

IV.           The Council will receive a briefing regarding Petition 400-99-7 CLC Associates (Forest City Enterprises,  Inc.) request to change zoning from Light Manufacturing M-1 to General Commercial CG for proposed Grand Salt Lake Mall.  The Council may also discuss the associated financing request and the fiscal impact and sales tax analysis to be delivered to the Council no later than June 8, 2000.  (Estimated time:  20 minutes)