1999 Work Session Agendas

January 21, 1999




Salt Lake City Council Retreat


DATE:          January 21, 1999


TIME:           10:00 a.m.
                   Some Council Members may meet at the City & County Building, 451 South State Street, at 9:00 a.m.


PLACE:        1820 W. Deep Creek Road
                   Morgan, Utah
                   (Map and written instructions are posted in the City Recorder’s Office and on the 3rd Floor of the City & County Building.  Copies of the map and instructions are also available in the City Council Office.)



1. Establish priorities for the coming year (based on past practice)

2. How would the Council like meetings conducted? (K. Christensen)

3. Community Board concept- Community Action Resource Team (T. Rogan)

4. Clarification/ revision of Council Office policies

a. Newsletter- is it one per fiscal year or one per calendar year?

b. Option of computer allowance rather than City-provided computer

5. Options for use of Council’s 1999-2000 audit funding:

a. Select a City Department

b. Identify one or more policy issues and commission a comprehensive

           Opportunities and approaches for funding traffic calming

           Opportunities to create incentives for mixed used development

           Opportunities to create incentives for mixed income housing

           Opportunities to require inclusion of mixed income housing under certain

           Impact fee policy approaches/impact fee analysis

           Annexation issues

           Approaches to supporting and nurturing small business

           Open space preservation

           Opportunities for Council oversight re: service delivery

           Housing loss mitigation


           Expediting development review process

           Design and development review issues

           Olympic oversight

           Olympic Memorandum of Understanding

           Other, as identified by the Council in their priority discussion