1998 Work Session Agendas

January 20, 1998


Joint Meeting with

The Board of Education of Salt Lake City,

Salt Lake City Mayor and Salt Lake City Council


Tuesday, January 20, 1998; 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

451 South State Street

Salt Lake City, Utah


Conducting:  M. Bryce Jolley, City Council Chairperson






1. Council Members will join the School Board for a Light Rail/Transportation tour beginning at the City and County Building.

2. Introductions

3. Legislative Priorities

4. Mutual Concerns and Issues

5. Date of future meetings.

(Depending on the length of the Light Rail/Transportation bus tour, some of the above business may be conducted on the bus.  Council Members and School Board may reconvene in Room 325.  Members of the press and public interested in participating in the bus tour should contact the Council Office at 535-7600.)