2006 Work Session Agendas

February 9, 2006




5:00 p.m., Some Council Members may dine together in Room 125 at the City & County Building.

(The room is open to the public.)


DATE:     February 9, 2006


TIME:      5:30 p.m.


PLACE:    City & County Building

            451 South State Street, Room 326

            Salt Lake City, Utah





1.  The Council will interview Nia Sherar prior to consideration of her appointment to the Sister Cities Board.

2.  The Council will receive a briefing regarding a loan agreement between Salt Lake City Corporation and Jameson Properties, LLC, for rehabilitation of the Stratford Hotel apartment project located at 175 East 200 South.

3.  The Council will receive a briefing amending the zoning ordinance pertaining to permitted and conditional uses in Downtown and Commercial Districts, and a section of the definition of “multi-family dwelling.” (Petition No. 400-05-32)

4.  The Council will receive a briefing regarding an ordinance to rezone the property located at approximately 516-524 South 500 East Street and 517-533 South Denver Street from a Moderate/High Density Multifamily Residential (RMF-45) zoning district to a High Density Multifamily (RMF-75) zoning district.  Plus rezone approximately 25 feet of the rear portion of the property located at approximately 466 East 500 South Street from Residential/Office (RO) to High Density Multifamily (RMF-75) zoning district, and amend the Future Land Use Map of the Central Community Master Plan. (Petition No. 400-05-06 Astle/Webb)

5.  The Council will receive a briefing to amend the text of the zoning ordinance relating to non-conforming uses, non-complying structures. (Petition No. 400-03-34) Part-two.

6.  (Tentative) The Council will receive comments from the Administration on Legislative issues.

7.  Report of the Executive Director, including review of Council information items and announcements.