2003 Work Session Agendas

December 4, 2003





5:00 p.m., Some Council Members may dine together in Room 125 at the City & County Building. (The room is open to the public.)


DATE: December 4, 2003


TIME:           5:30 p.m.


PLACE:          City & County Building

                451 South State Street, Room 326

                Salt Lake City, Utah




I.        Report of the Executive Director, including review of Council information items and announcements.

II.       The Council will hold a discussion regarding Housing with the Chairs of the following City Boards and Commissions:

a.  Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board - Kent Moore,

b.  Housing Advisory and Appeals Board - Dave Fox, 

c.  Business Advisory Board - Greg Gruber,

d.  Historic Landmark Commission - Soren Simonsen,

e.  Board of Adjustment - Michael Jones, and

f.   Planning Commission - Prescott Muir.

III.      The Council will receive a follow-up briefing regarding revenue projections, Budget Amendment No. 2 and related resolutions.

IV.      The Council will receive a follow-up briefing regarding Petition 400-01-66 Larry H. Miller Management Company request to amend the Zoning Ordinance relating to the maximum time limit for temporary tents associated with outdoor sales.

V.       The Council will receive a report regarding a proposed Olympic Legacy Project for Council District Two.