1997 Work Session Agendas

April 22, 1997





District 3 Town Meeting

Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Ensign Elementary School

775 East 12th Avenue

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

District 3 Town Meeting


1.  Flag Ceremony/Pledge of Allegiance:  Boy Scout Troop No. 1060; Officer Shawn Streeter, Scout Master; and Officer James Washington, Assistant Scout Master

2.  Welcome and Introductions:  Councilmember Mary H. Mark

3.  Gateway Project:  Mayor Corradini

4.  Avenues and Capitol Hill Community Council Chair Reports to Mayor Corradini and City Council: Tom Rogan and Eric Jergensen

5.  University of Utah Planning and Growth:  Stuart Reid, Community and Economic Development Director; Bill Wright, Planning Director; and Utah Facilities Planning Department Representative

6.  LDS Church Facility Development Including the Meeting Hall:  Stuart Reid, Community and Economic and Development Director; Bill Wright, Planning Director; and Ted Simmons, Director of Physical Facilities for the LDS Church

7.  Avenues and Capitol Hill Crime Prevention and Mobile Watch Reports:  Ruben Ortega, Chief of Police; Geoffrey Leonard, Avenues Mobile Watch Coordinator; Joann Legge, Capitol Hill Mobile Watch Coordinator

8.  Olympics Update:  Bob Hunter, Local Government Community Relations Liaison for the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee

9.  Campaign Finance Reform:   Anne Gerber, City Council Legislative Auditor


10.     Questions and Comments from the Audience
Please complete a public meeting registration card if you wish to make a comment.