2010 Work Session Agendas

April 2, 2010




DATE:     Friday, April 2, 2010

TIME:         1:30 p.m.

PLACE:    451 South State Street, Room 304

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111



Council Members will hold their monthly policy meeting. Discussion topics may include the following items:


1. Brief report from each of the Council’s Working Groups.

2. Budget ideas, opinions, positions, information, forecasts.

3. City Code guidelines for Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Huts. (Council Member Love)

4. The Convention Hotel. (Council Member Christensen)

5. Animal Control ordinance amendments. (Council Member Simonsen)

6. Traffic calming & speed limits, including (Council Member Simonsen):

a. Reducing speed limits on streets that are predominately residential or have bicycle facilities.

b. Stop signs – where and how to use in problematic areas where traffic control has been an issue.


**No action will be taken at this meeting.